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Do you need a cure for the winter blahs? Do you love disc golf? Then you need to come out to Kaposia Park in South St. Paul and check out the biggest and the bestest winter disc golf league in Minnesota, the Chilly Dog Winter League. It'll give you fast temporary relief from the minor aches and pains due to the winter cold.

Always open to anyone any time, the Chilly Dog Winter League was started in the mid-nineties as the Kaposia Winter League by Minnesota Frisbee Association member, Tim Scanlon. From the gift of his efforts and those of the volunteers that have followed, it has blossomed into the popular sub-freezing disc golf league it is today.

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Matt Koerner
Stray Dog


All photos courtesy of Brian Donahue,
Rich Hart, Matt Koerner, and Gary Vice.

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November 29, 2019 - The 2020 schedule is now posted.

Chilly Dog is happy to say that Kaposia Pro Shop is continuing their support of our league. Along with being a convenient place for Ams to redeem winnings, they provide all entrants free daily play, they keep the shop open and warm, and they sponsor many CTP prizes. Thank you Phil, Russ, and Steve!

Shout out and props to golfer Patrick Kelly. Just as he did all last year he is providing a growler of super-tasty St Paul Brewery beer every week. Thanks to him and the brewery formerly known as Flat Earth for this very popular CTP prize!

Also we are very happy to say that the Fireside Lounge on Robert St in W St Paul continues to be our breakfast spot and sponsor. As such, they will be putting up a $20 gift certificate CTP for food and drink every week! A bunch of players meet there every Saturday for much breakfast fun between 10:00 and 10:30 before the round, and all are welcome. Let's show 'em some love! Thank you Mike Udovich!

Also this year, Gotta Go Gotta Throw is stepping up even higher with a weekly free $10 in-store credit CTP for the Am divisions.

Speaking of sponsors, don't forget that the Women's Division has a 250% payout due to the many-years-running sponsorship of Chris Porter, who has put more money into women's disc golf play in Minnesota than any other individual in the state! Thanks Porterhouse!

As always, all Amateur division winnings are paid out as immediate credit redeemable at your choice of these quality disc golf suppliers:

Airborn Disc Golf
Everyday Disc Golf
Gotta Go Gotta Throw
Kaposia Pro Shop

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You can save and build up your winnings or redeem them at anytime, they’re always good. Your store of choice will have a current record your winnings available. Just walk in and buy, it’s that easy! (Pay outs updated within 24-48 hrs)

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